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Should I Fight My Ticket?

Some people are tempted to 'accept their punishment' when it comes to traffic offenses. The problem with this way of thinking is that the level of punishment can vary greatly from one case to the next depending on whether or not anyone pushes for the interests of the driver. Our attorneys work with -and travel to- courts all around the state in order to obtain results for our clients. CALL US FOR A FEE QUOTE. You'll be glad you did.


Our offices are located in the center of the state, making access to any court possible. Although most traffic cases are settled out of court, having attorneys with extensive knowledge of traffic law who also have this capability is a huge advantage in obtaining a positive result in your case. And yes, our low cost fee includes any necessary travel.

The authorities make it 'easy' to plead guilty

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Many jurisdictions will go out of their way to close your case in a hurry. What they won't do is consider the effects of the case on your license or insurance. If there was ever a place where an attorney pays for his own fee by saving the client money, this is it.

In many instances traffic offenses are handed off to the state's "Fine Collection Center", so that you don't even recieve a court date. You are told that you can pay online with minimal intrusion into your schedule.

SAME PROBLEM = Nobody considers the points on your license, possible license suspension repercussions, or your insurance rates.

When we work on your ticket, you get real attorneys who are willing to work to resolve your case in a way that is favorable to your pocketbook and your driving privilage. Protect your license and your pocketbook. Call our free helpline now.

The True Cost of a Speeding Ticket

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Just because you were pulled over does not mean that you will necessarily have any financial repurcussions from the event. Should you be convicted however, there will most definately be financial problems.

Most people without extensive experience in traffic court are primarily concerned with the process and the fine. The true costs however lie on the back end of convictions, due to the increases in insurance rates that can linger for years.

With us at your side, you'll be assured that your charges are reduced to the fullest extent possible, sparing you the most severe consequences with your license and insurance. We'll deal with the prosecutor and the court for you, and in most circumstances you won't even have to appear in court. In certain cases your charges could even be dismissed.

We pride ourselves on providing full service representation, with a live attorney and a paralegal on every case, and at low cost. Don't take chances with your ticket. Hire a firm that will work to get the outcome you deserve.