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Criminal Defense

Accused of a crime?

No legal problem is more serious than the accusation of a crime. A conviction can mean fines, jail time or prison sentences. The damage to one's life and family can be extensive: loss of driver's license, occupational license or other employment issues. It is a time to get help from an attorney who understands the criminal law, one who understands all the "ins and outs."

Protect your freedom


Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor crime, a vehicular crime, a marijuana charge, or a serious drug offense or other felony where prison is a distinct possibility, we want to put our knownledge to work in your case.

When you hire our firm, you can rest assured that we will demand disclosure of ALL the evidence that the state intends to use against you at trial. Then our attorneys will review the evidence carefully, looking for legal problems in the case against you.

After a thorough review of your file, we will counsel your case with the prosecutor assigned to your case. We will present the problems with the charges we have uncovered, along with the equities that may be associated with your particular situation, and seek to have your charges amended or dismissed.

Many times there are flaws, inconsistencies, and other problems in cases that could have been used to improve the outcome of a case. Sadly, many of those cases are never fought, and noone is ever made aware that the charge against them was weak or even fatally flawed. Don't trust your freedom to the people trying to take it. Get some muscle in your corner.

Put Our Experience to Work for You

Our attorneys have decades of experience in criminal law, both in Missouri and in other jurisdictions such as New York. Thousands of people just like you have benefitted from the knowledge and experience that we bring to criminal cases.

In addition to working in defense, both of our attorneys have worked in and with various prosecutor's offices over the years, giving insight into the particulars of the machine working to convict you.

Our experience runs deep in the criminal law, and that experience can make a world of difference in your case. Don't just hand your self over and plead guilty out of the gate. You deserve to have someone who will fight for your rights, and work to position you as favorably as possible in relation to the very real threat you face from the might of the state.